SK-ii Shanghai Press Conference

Being the new ambassador of SK-ii has really brought my career to a new high. I am so honoured to be part of the family. The journey with SK-ii has been a really fulfilling and exciting one. I have learnt so much over this short period of time. Most important lesson learnt, it is never too early to take taking care of your skin with the right products.

Back in Nov, I was very fortunate to have attended the SK-ii Shanghai press conference where I got to meet QiQi, Lee SinJie, Tang Wei and Yoo Ji Tae for the very first time. All veterans and professionals who are expert in what they do. The best part about them, they are all very welcoming and warm people. I have learnt so much about being an ambassador in the short 3 days, it was truly an eye opener just being there.

Here are some photos to share with y’all.

PS: Thank you Jeremy Tan for dressing me for this special event. Kisses for you!

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? Sailboats are sailing along the crystal clear sea at every moment of the day. Parachutes are dotted in the sky like mini-rainbows. I’m gonna miss you Boracay!

My favorite fashion icon, Iris Apfel

Who said fashion has to take a backseat just cause you are old? Who said an older person should stick to wearing dull, boring colors?

WIKI: As a young woman Iris worked for Women’s Wear Daily and for interior designer Elinor Johnson. She also was an assistant to illustrator Robert Goodman.

In 1948 she married Carl Apfel. Two years later they launched the textile firm Old World Weavers and ran it until they retired in 1992. During this time, Iris Apfel took part in many design restoration projects, including work at the White House for nine presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton.

Iris Apfel still consults, and also lectures about style and other fashion topics.

i wanna grow old like you, Iris Apfel. i love your style. 

Audi Fashion Festival

Audi Fashion Festival is a yearly fashion event in Singapore. I’ve been honored to be part of the event for the past 3 years. Here are some of the pictures of AFF!

Although it is not always glamorous at the backstage, the waiting time for fashion shows are extremely long, however the sense of achievement on the stage for that 5 minutes is just… Unbelievable. Still unbelievable after 10 years. =)


Happy Birthday Sheila Sim

and just like that, another year has passed.

i thought about my birthday parties in the past, and they mostly come as a blur to me. the result of alcohol intoxication.

it’s only been a year from my last birthday, and i am already loving a sober birthday party. is it a sign of aging. =p if it is, i am quite loving it.

i always wonder who would i be today if not for my group of buddies, and especially my girlfriends. thank u all for making me the happiest person on the 7th Jun. =)